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7 Attractions in Hurghada

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〉 Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

Known also as “The Aquarium,” Gota Abu Ramada is a wall dive site with huge amounts of marine life.
One of the most popular dive sites near Hurghada, it is used by many dive operators as a try-dive site for novice divers, but more advanced and experienced divers will also enjoy the huge variety of sea life.
Triggerfish, lionfish, and clownfish are always whizzing through the ethereal blue waters here, and many divers also manage to glimpse the resident eagle rays.

〉 Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium
If you’ve been out snorkeling or diving and want to identify what you’ve seen, then Hurghada Aquarium, in the northern part of town (known as Ad-Dahar) can help you.

These days, the aquarium is showing its age and could do with an update, but it still has the only decent display of Red Sea marine life in Hurghada.
For non-swimmers it’s also a good chance to see the Red Sea’s abundant fish life up close.